"Sophie revamped my resume and catered it to my industry. 8 months later and I have my dream job. She not only wrote but implemented key words and skills to stand out to the hiring team."

- Public Relations Coordinator, Hermes

"Sophie wrote and designed my resume that I've used for every job and internship application I've submitted. She made sure it was tailored to the different jobs and industries, which played a huge role in helping me land my job!"

- Business Development Coordinator, Michael Kors

"Sophie helped me target specific jobs I was interested in by writing my resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn page so that they accurately and effectively showcase my past experiences and skill set. I feel strongly that she is a huge part of how I landed a job at such an incredible company."

- Business Development & Quality Specialist, Diageo

"Sophie has been a huge help in marketing my business. From designing various invitations and flyers, formatting them for emails, print and social media to cleaning up Excel spreadsheets, her insight to my needs, efficiency and professionalism in completing the tasks I’ve asked of her are incredible! I highly recommend her."

- Loan Originator, PrimeLending

"Wow!! I didn’t realize how much work my resume needed until I got some help from Sophie. It was so outdated. She took the work experience I have and helped me express it in a way that is way more impressive. She DEFINITELY helped me get the job!"

- Acting Student